How to select a DJ for your Sydney Wedding
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The perfect playlist for your wedding day

So there you are, ticking away… your to do list for your Big Day is getting shorter and shorter. Now comes the fun part! Selecting the perfect music for your perfect day. There are the obvious songs choices that you need to make, that being for the bridal waltz, father and daughter dance, entrance music and other special moments throughout the day – but what about the rest of your reception?

Music is emotional, mood setting and provides the foundation of a great celebration. Selecting the right music for your wedding day will help you get the vibe you want. But how do you make a playlist? Where are you supposed to start? Well this is where your DJ’s expertise comes into play.

The best way to get your playlist together is to decide what mood you want to set for your guests at specific times; when do you want your guests to chill out, when do you want to hype up the party, when do you want to slow it down? This is actually easier than what it sounds.

Start with creating a basic timeline of your reception from when your guests will arrive to when the celebration will end (remember the bridal party wont be present until your arrival is announced) and at each half hour to hour interval write down what kind of mood or vibe you want to set. Make a list of example artists or songs that you think would be appropriate for how long you would like to set the mood. When you get together with your DJ, go through your musical timeline and you’ll find that the discussion on genre of music will flow easily. A great way to make sure you’re on the same page is to listen to the examples that you have put together and ask your Sydney DJ to play what they think would work.

As you slowly piece together your perfect soundtrack for your perfect day, also take into account volume and length of play. Discuss what your reception looks and feels like (your DJ might already know if they have worked there previously), the last thing you want is the music to be drowned by volume. If people need to yell across the table to talk, no matter how fabulous the music, your guests will probably get annoyed. Especially if its at the beginning of the evening your looking to make a relaxed atmosphere. You may want the volume to be turned up when the dance floor is opened and turned down again when as you farewell your guests before your final exit.

Remember, have fun! Don’t let this be a stressful experience. Be prepared, think about what you want and communicate with your DJ and your other half. Make this soundtrack full of wonderful memories, in the words of Pink, “If God is a DJ, life is a dance floor, love is the rhythm, you are the music”. Embrace your musical selves!

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