Why hire a DJ for your wedding
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Hey Mr DJ, can you play my song?
Your guide to selecting the perfect DJ for your event.

When you’re lost in the moment, dancing around, enjoying yourself, there is always music in the background feeding the fuel to the euphoric fire. As someone who is creating an event, that sense of enjoyment in the moment is what you want your guests to remember and reminisce about after the celebration.

Music is part of our daily lives, so why not make it the centerpiece of your special event? Whether your catering for a corporate event, celebrating a milestone or sharing an expression of true love, music will not only enhance your event, it will provide the platform for the perfect ambiance.

For those questioning ‘Why have a DJ when I can just play my iTunes list?’ well it’s simple; can your iTunes list gauge the mood of your guests or the perfect atmosphere for a night to remember? Of course it can’t! The last thing you want on your event is scratchy or bad quality music, or event worse, inappropriate songs to kill the mood.

An average DJ may just scrimp by, some people may be annoyed with the sound quality, their ability to blend music or music choice. A good DJ will be able to provide good music, ensuring that the popular well known songs are played and the ability to mix well and transition from song to song. However an excellent DJ will be able to gauge the mood of the audience and get the party started or keep it simmering at the right moments; the music would provide the perfect platform for heightening the emotions of the celebration.

So how do you find a DJ that will provide the spark in your celebration? Here are a few tips on choosing the right DJ for you and your event:

Are they a professional?
Have they provided you with a written quote or invoice? A DJ without documents may not have all their affairs in order outside of playing music and may not be able to actually provide you with their service. Especially if they don’t have public liability insurance as most venues will require all your outsourced contractors to have it. Make sure you receive a formal quote so you know what you are paying for. Great DJ’s will be able to create a playlist and organise your music around your preferences. They will ask you the right questions about your audience, mood you want to set, progression of the event and will make sure if you have any special moments (such as the bridal waltz) the ability to choose your own songs.

Are they able to provide their own equipment? Ask for a picture of the DJ setup. The last thing you want is your DJ to show up with tacky outdated, old or unsuitable equipment. Professional DJ’s will be able to provide you with a number of setup options and will be able to create an aesthetic to suit your theme and blend in to your event. If they are not the resident DJ they may need to bring in more than just a deck. Make sure to ask if they can provide other equipment if needed such as speakers and microphone.

What kind of events have they worked previously? Do they have experience in your type of event? Your DJ should have a good website with information about what they do. Just like other professionals, you have generalists, who are able to work in a wide variety of events and others who are specialists, who cater best for a particular market. Look at the information they have available. Do they provide information about their services? Do they have testimonials? Are they able to provide a list of venues or companies they have worked with? All of these details should be easily accessible and transparent.

Are they flexible with music selection? Your DJ should be able to provide you with the music YOU want. An excellent DJ should be able to create a playlist based on your preferences and in the order you prefer. For example, you may want smooth chill out at the start of your event. Something relaxing to get your guests in the mood and move into your favorite genre, anything from 80’s pop to heavy metal. Your DJ may make suggestions based on their experience, however they should not be pushing their personal preference for your event. Take on board what they say, as you may not have thought of it such as volume, tempo and atmosphere. Just as they ask about what you like, a professional DJ will also ask you about what you don’t like and what to avoid playing. Lay down the rules of music choice; will it only be you selecting music or will you allow guests to request? How will they facilitate guest requests?

Hiring a DJ is more than just playing music, they set the mood and create an atmosphere for your event. Choosing the right DJ can give you the best platform for memories made for years to come. Don’t sell your event short by choosing a DJ without asking questions and researching their work.

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