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There is nothing more exciting than planning your own wedding. You have to prepare for the wedding program, and you have to make sure that it will be a memorable event both for you and your loved ones. These days, there are quite a number of unique wedding programs being organized.

Themed Weddings

In the past, the trend was to just focus on a particular colour scheme. However, nowadays, it is more fashionable to come up with a whole theme for your wedding. What are your interests? Where are you holding your wedding? Do you both like reading? Or are you both musically-inclined? Whatever your interests are, you can incorporate them into the theme of your wedding and in the end, come out with a more personalized take on the program. How about renting a vintage photo booth?

Intimate Gatherings

Now weddings don’t have to be huge to be a success. It is more important to have the guests that really mean alot to both of you. Therefore, the more intimate the wedding, the better. You can hold it in a small venue, with your friends and family gathered round, sharing stories and having a laugh together. It doesn’t always have to be a full production. The important thing is to have fun and to capture the moment for posterity. Modern photo-booths come with internet hosting for a number of days so you can share the experience with all your friends.

DIY Weddings

If you are artistic and talented, and have the knack for doing arts and crafts, then creating your own wedding will definitely make it more special. How awesome would it be to create your own invitations, prepare your own wedding souvenirs and have your own touch and personality in all materials? This is, of course, conducive to those who are just planning small gatherings.

Special Types of Entertainment

You don’t need to hire a big band if you don’t want to. You can hire one of your friends and his band to perform instead. You can even have a Rockeoke segment during your wedding if that’s what you like. Aside from the music, there are also other activities that you can prepare for while your guests are waiting for their turns to talk to you. Photobooths are a big hit these days, and guests have a lot of fun having their photos taken. These are great ways to document the fun that your guests are having during the wedding.

Photoshoots and Video Shoots

Wedding photoshoots are more fun than ever. Couples usually visit a particular location which they find important to their relationship, and they do their shoot accordingly. It’s a fun execution and it’s definitely a great chance for the couple to dress up and show the world how much they love each other.

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