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Planning your wedding can be stressful, but it’s definitely worth it. The secret to making sure that you get what you envisioned for your wedding is to choose the right suppliers. Here are some tips on how to pick the best suppliers for your wedding.

Ask Around

The best way to ensure that you are getting the best suppliers is via word of mouth. A personal recommendation beats any other form of advertising from particular suppliers. If you have friends who are married, ask them about their suppliers. Ask them if they were happy with their services, and if they were able to get their money’s worth.

Visit Bridal Fairs and Exhibits

If you want to explore other options, visiting bridal fairs is a great idea. You get all the options laid out in front of you, and you can see which ones will fit your budget and the theme of your wedding. In addition, these wedding suppliers usually offer special discounts during these fairs.

Make a Checklist

Sometimes, preparing for a wedding can be quite overwhelming, so make sure that you have a checklist so you are assured of having all the suppliers for your wedding that you want.

Designer – This includes designing for the wedding gown, the groom’s suit, and your entourage’s outfits.

Venue – Make sure that it fits your projected number of guests and can accommodate the theme that you have in mind. Look for stylists for the venue. You will need flowers, and lights and sounds suppliers.

Entertainment – Will you hire a live band? A DJ? These are things you have to consider for your wedding. You shouldn’t forget the open bar! Your guests will look forward to this. Look for a supplier who can give you good rates on free-flowing drinks. Also, hire good photographers and videographers who can capture every beautiful moment of your big day! Are you setting up a photobooth? Will you be distributing souvenirs? Find a good supplier who can provide you with well-created items, and nothing sub-par.

Be Clear with What You Want

Once you have your set of suppliers, make sure that you meet with them regularly so they know what you want. They will need pegs or samples of how you want particular elements to be executed. Be as detailed as possible to avoid any miscommunications. Be completely hands-on with the preparations so there won’t be any unpleasant surprises.
On thing to keep in mind is that there is still your whole married life after the wedding, so don’t spend all your money on your wedding.

Try to budget wisely!

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